Here at QUANTA, we never settle down 😉

We may have brought you new features, just two weeks ago, but it’s not enough for us! We aim at a constant improvement of our monitoring tool, through cutting edge technology.

So, even if you’ve already read about our Business and Favorites dashboards, just take a few minutes to discover our new profilers for PHP 7 and Magento!

New profiler QUANTA for PHP 7

PHP 7 brought huge performance improvements compared to the earlier versions, and is used more and more by e-commerce websites. So it only felt natural for us to make our PHP module compatible with this new shiny PHP release.

My team and I worked very hard to quickly bring you this new release, and I’m really proud to announce that it is just out!

To begin using our new profiler for PHP 7.0, just install it using your package manager:

  • If you’re using Debian or Ubuntu: apt-get install php70-quanta-mon
  • If you’re using Centos or Redhat: yum install php70-quanta-mon

Of course, you’ll need to configure your system to use our repository, prior to this step. But don’t panic! You’ll find all the technical details in our knowledge base, and we’re always just a mail away if you need any more help. 😉


New profiler QUANTA for Magento 2 CE and EE

The Magento team released a brand new version of their e-commerce CMS on November 2015, which is a total rewrite of the Magento 1.X codebase. It offers awesome new features for developers and e-commerce directors!

Some of you have already started the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, so we decided to prioritize our roadmap around a Magento 2 compatibility.

After a few months of coding, testing, private beta, more coding, … etc., we decided that our new profiler was finally ready to be released! So, we pressed the red button, and included it in our latest 1.2.X profiler release. If you’ve switched to Magento 2, or plan to do it, just upgrade your PHP module to enjoy this new features.


Improvement on the profiler QUANTA for Magento 1 EE

It’s been almost 6 months since we released our first PHP module for Magento 1.X. And we used this time to deal with the few glitches and shortcomings we discovered, thanks to your really valuable feedback.

We clearly saw that the compatibility with Magento EE could be improved in various ways. So, here are the “new” features we worked on:

  • Better Magento event handling: The PHP module is now able to detect events generated by running scripts from the command-line, and that includes scheduled tasks like those specified in your crontab. Before our improvements, we were able to detect events generated from the backoffice (for example when you clicked on the scary “clear Magento cache” button), but it turns out that, that wasn’t enough to have a good representation of what’s happening behind the scenes.
  • More timers: Most of Magento EE websites rely heavily on the FPC (Full Page Cache) feature to improve performance. So we thought that the time spent to fetch data from this cache would be a very valuable metric to provide you with. We added a timer around the FPC processing (and a few other less important ones as you might already have noticed) in our latest profiler release. I hope you’ll find it useful !

Those improvements, and the new Magento 2 compatibility, were also the opportunity for us to rethink our codebase and make it easier to change in the future. This refactoring will allow us to add compatibility with other CMS more easily in the future, so don’t be surprised if we come up with a Drupal profiler in the next few weeks !