“Quanta has given us complete visibility and control so we can concentrate on developing our business activity.“

Laurent Tupin — Head of Customer Service, in charge of the integration of Poland into Vente-Privee

Key Facts

  • Online flash sale pioneer created in 2001.
  • Partners with 2,600 international brands.
  • Acquired Modern Commerce, Poland’s #1 online shopping club in 2016.


  • Ensure the e-commerce platform scales to meet ambitious growth objectives.
  • Guarantee the platform effortlessly handles peak traffic during popular flash sales.
  • Easily identify and remedy the causes of website performance issues.


  • Quanta undertook a full performance audit on the website, performing a number of stress tests by simulating increasing amounts of traffic on all pages.
  • The Quanta platform provides constant monitoring and notification of site issues.
  • The Quanta platform provides full autonomy to head office and international teams.


  • Peace of mind that the site will be efficient for the next 5 years.
  • Polish counterparts given full autonomy for website management.
  • Head office has full visibility.

Quanta Helps Provide Vente-Privee with Uninterrupted Business and Peace of Mind

Global leader in flash sales gains ability to accelerate its international growth thanks to Quanta’s web performance solution.

Pioneer and Global Leader of Flash Sales

Launched in 2001, Vente-Privee pioneered the online flash sale model and is the global leader in the sector. The company partners with over 2,600 major international brands in all major product categories —ready-to-wear, homeware, toys, sports, high-tech, etc. —to offer sales for a limited time to its customers.

Consistent Quality of Service – The Key to International Growth

In 2016, Vente-Privee obtained a majority share of Modern Commerce, which, as the operator of Złote Wyprzedaże (zlotewyprzedaze.pl), is the largest online shopping club in Poland. This new addition strengthened the company’s presence in Eastern Europe.

Vente-Privee wished to make sure that Modern Commerce’s platform would be able to support future planned growth. In effect, the company needed to make sure the site would be able to scale and cope with a significant increase in traffic.

In addition, offering consistent quality of service is important to the brands that the company works with. They increasingly demand guaranteed service levels to protect their own brand image.

A Safeguard to Ensure Scale and Success

Vente-Privee wanted to make sure that web performance would never be a business issue. The company strives to start its flash sales simultaneously across all territories and to offer the same user experience to all of its members. If not first-rate, web performance not only impacts conversion but also causes churn in membership when buyers miss out on purchasing offers.

Vente-Privee called on Quanta to undertake a full performance audit on the website in question and to recommend optimizations of its performance and stability. Through performing a number of stress tests by stimulating increasing amounts of traffic on all pages, Vente-Privee was able to ensure that the new site would be able to manage a high volume of traffic.

In fact, Quanta was able to guarantee that the e-commerce platform used by the website would be viable for the next five years, giving the teams the peace of mind they needed and the ability to immediately ramp up its marketing investments to grow the site.

Full Visibility for Peace of Mind

Vente-Privee has given its Polish counterparts full autonomy with regards to managing the website and thanks to Quanta, the head office and Polish teams can share a complete objective visibility on the performance.

In the event of the website’s performance being less than optimum, Quanta identifies the cause of the issue in order for it to be easily resolved.

“The teams at Quanta are always highly proactive in notifying us of any site issues—once even calling me on the weekend!” said Laurent Tupin, Head of Customer Service, in charge of the integration of Poland into Vente-Privee. “Web performance is a major concern in serving our members internationally. Quanta has given us complete visibility and control, so we no longer discuss performance and we can concentrate on developing our business activity and our core jobs.”