Thanks to Quanta we can guarantee that our site will always provide an outstanding customer experience 一 even under the pressure of increased traffic during sales periods.

Vincent Hacquard – Director of E-commerce & Digital Technology at Burton of London

Key facts

  • Leading fashion retailer.
  • Founded in 1900.
  • 131 stores in France.


  • Take control of the ecommerce site in-house.
  • Improve the online customer experience.
  • Guarantee the site can handle peak traffic during sales events.
  • Ensure new features added to the website do not impact site performance.


  • The Quanta platform monitors the site and proactively reports on any issues.
  • Quanta performs load tests to ensure that the website can handle peak traffic.
  • All teams (IT and marketing) have a prioritized roadmap to improve site performance.


  • 360-degree visibility on all aspects of the site, plus support and guidance from Quanta Web Performance Guru.
  • Performance issues are quickly identified and resolved.
  • The site is stable 24/7, including during peak visiting times.
  • Improved online customer experience, SEO and sales revenue.

Burton of London enhances its online customer experience thanks to Quanta

The fashion brand has full visibility and control of its web performance thanks to Quanta.

A Pioneering Fashion Brand

Founded in 1900, Burton believes in combining timeless style, great quality, and value.
Today, the brand is part of the Omnium Group (along with Devred and Bouchara) and continues to grow worldwide thanks to its know-how and its sense of style.

Regaining Control of its Site

Burton launched its ecommerce site in 2013 to cater to the digital consumption habits of consumers. The site’s design and development were initially outsourced. However, Burton decided it wanted more control over its online sales channel and wanted to take the management back. Managing the website was challenging, especially when it came to understanding factors impacting the website’s stability and speed. This was one of the main reasons the fashion retailer reached out to Quanta for help.

“We wanted to take control of the ecommerce site in-house and master all associated technical aspects. Quanta enables us to identify and resolve friction points in the online customer journey, especially with regards to page loading,” said Vincent Hacquard – Director of Ecommerce and Digital Technology at Burton of London.

Once the training was successfully completed, Quanta helped Burton of London’s teams perform load tests. The company was able to make its site more robust and more operational, so that it can handle an increased load during major e-commerce events such as big sales or Black Friday.

“Our site is constantly evolving. A few weeks before the start of the sales, we test and re-test its load management to make sure that any new features are operational without any technical flaws.” – Vincent Hacquard.

A major concern for Burton was the site’s ability to cope with increased traffic. Quanta trained the Burton teams on the solution and helped them perform load tests to ensure the website could handle peak traffic. The company followed Quanta’s performance optimization recommendations making its site more robust and reliable. Burton is now serene with the knowledge that the website can handle increased traffic caused by major ecommerce events such as Black Friday and other sales.

“Our site is constantly evolving with new features. A few weeks before the start of each sales period, we perform load tests to guarantee that the updated site will provide a smooth customer experience under the stress of increased traffic,” said Vincent Hacquard.

Burton has also improved its SEO by decreasing its page loading speed.

Better Vision for Better Management

Burton now has complete visibility on the performance of its website. The teams are immediately alerted if the performance of the website is subpar. Quanta identifies the causes of the issues and prioritizes the order in which the issues need to be resolved. This means that the teams know exactly what to start with.

“Thanks to Quanta, we now have a roadmap of actions to continually optimize our website performance. All actions are prioritized based on their ease of implementation and predicted impact on revenue,” said Vincent Hacquard.

With Quanta, Burton was able to determine that the shopping cart page was one of the site’s slowest pages. This issue was significantly hindering conversion. Burton was able to swiftly resolve the issue.

“Before Quanta the site could not handle peak traffic during sales events. It would become inaccessible without anyone knowing why. Quanta helps us to identify and correct performance issues.” said Vincent Hacquard.

Burton is now able to provide the optimal online experience for its visitors. As a result, it has increased onsite conversion and revenue.