“Quanta has given us complete visibility and control of our website’s performance. We can easily identify and immediately respond to site performance issues. We are confident that we now provide an online experience that is second to none.“

Jérôme Dalidet — Chief Marketing Officer at Toupargel.

Key Facts

  • Leading home delivery grocery company.
  • Delivers throughout France
  • 111 delivery agencies.


  • Ensure the site runs smoothly throughout the sales cycle.
  • Optimize page loading time and anticipate possible site issues.
  • Increase sales.



  • Complete visibility on website performance.
  • Quanta identified performance issues and prioritized the order in which these issues needed to be resolved based on revenue impact.


  • 30% increase in ecommerce sales.
  • An objective view of website performance shared by the entire company.
  • A more organized digital team.
  • Easy identification and quick resolution of web performance issues.

Toupargel boosts ecommerce sales by 30% with Quanta


The home delivery grocery company called on Quanta to ensure that it could meet the demands of its customers 24/7.

Toupargel is a family-owned company that has been selling and delivering grocery products throughout France for more than 70 years. The company is the market leader in the sale and home delivery of frozen food products. Customers can order products via telephone or its online store. Toupargel’s online store was launched in 2009 to satisfy consumers’ digital retail habits and today accounts for 10% of the company’s sales.

Ensuring an Optimal Online Experience

The company wants to double its ecommerce sales every two years. To achieve this goal it is essential to ensure that the website operates at an optimal level throughout the entire sales cycle 一 24/7.

“We needed to equip ourselves with a management tool to optimize page load time and to anticipate any performance issues,” said Jérôme Dalidet, Toupargel’s Director of Ecommerce and Digital Transformation.

Choosing Quanta

Toupargel performed an extensive review of all available web performance management services and solutions. One of the main reasons it chose Quanta was that the solution enables different internal teams to effectively collaborate to improve web performance.

“Quanta was the clear choice for us. The platform and the expert support provided is unrivaled. Guided by Quanta’s Web Performance Gurus, our internal teams were able to understand and resolve the website’s technical issues negatively impacting page loading time,” said Jerome Dalidet, Chief Marketing Officer at Toupargel.

Correlating Web Performance with Revenue

In less than a month after the first meetings, Toupargel deployed the Quanta solution and started to see results. Thanks to Quanta’s native compatibility with Google Analytics, Toupargel can correlate web performance with revenue.

Complete Visibility and Control over Site Performance

Quanta is now Toupargel’s primary solution for managing its site performance. With Quanta, Toupargel can guarantee an outstanding online experience for its visitors. The company now has complete visibility on the performance of its website. The business teams can pinpoint the causes of friction in the online journey and quickly work with technical teams to resolve them.

Within the first 12 months of deploying Quanta, Toupargel recorded a 30% growth in ecommerce sales.