“Quanta’s prioritized action plan for improving our web performance led to a 23% increase in sales.“

Rémy Bascans ─ Head of Ecommerce IT Systems, Panini Group


  • Online retailer specialized in soccer products.
  • Offers more 4000 products.
  • 5 million visits per year.


  • Guaranteeing frictionless navigation for visitors.
  • Improving conversion rate and revenue.
  • Ensuring cooperation between hosting and development teams managing the ecommerce site.


  • Quanta carried out a performance audit.
  • Quanta identified performance issues and prioritized the order in which these issues needed to be resolved.
  • Quanta’s Performance Gurus provide ongoing support and continuous optimization advice.


  • Complete visibility on Web Performance.
  • Optimal browsing experience for visitors.
  • A 23% increase in sales.

FootCenter Increases Sales by 23% with Quanta

The online soccer store uses Quanta to improve web performance and boost sales.

The FootCenter brand was created in 1978. It now sells soccer equipment and accessories for both players and fans exclusively online. The company has partnerships with leading soccer brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma, as well as the most prestigious European soccer clubs including Arsenal, Real Madrid, and Barcelona. Part of the Panini Group, FootCenter is considered the go-to site for soccer-related products.

Avoiding Timeouts

The company’s website is the sole lifeblood of its business. Providing an impeccable online service is essential. When FootCenter started to experience slow page loading due to ever-increasing site traffic it knew that something had to be done immediately. The company and its agency, X2i, called on Quanta for help.

Quanta audited FootCenter’s website and provided a list of recommendations for improving web performance. Quanta’s Performance Gurus then worked together with X2i to implement the necessary changes. All recommendations were prioritized by ease of implementation and predicted impact on revenue. This meant that the teams knew exactly what to start with.

A Prioritized Action Plan for Improving Web Performance

Quanta consistently demonstrates the impact of page loading on conversion rate and FootCenter’s revenue. Following the initial audit, Quanta predicted a potential gain of 13% in revenue if FootCenter followed its prioritized action plan to improve site performance.

X2i implemented all of Quanta’s optimization recommendations. FootCenter reaped the benefits of the optimizations in record time 一 from both a technical and financial point of view. The average page loading time decreased from 1.44 seconds to 24 milliseconds and sales increased by 23%.

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