« Quanta’s solution identified a potential gain of 13% in additional sales as well as related areas for optimization, ranked in priority. »

In summary

  • Online sales specialist of football items.
  • More than 4000 products available online.
  • 5 millions visits annually.


  • To ensure seamless navigation for visitors.
  • To improve the conversation rate and to increase sales.
  • To lead the site optimization project with good cooperation between the different teams (hosting and development) and the website managers.


  • Support the teams to ensure sustainability.
  • Conduct site performance audits.
  • Identify performance issues and prioritize actions to take.


  • Acomprehensive view of Web Performance.
  • Improved navigation for website visitors.
  • Une A 23% increase in sales.

FootCenter, doubled its sales thanks to Quanta

The online football products sales specialist used Quanta’s services to improve the web performance of its sole sales channel and to increase its conversion rate.


Created in 1978, FootCenter specializes in online sales of football/soccer equipment and accessories, targeting both fans and players. In November 2001, the PANINI group acquired FootCenter in order to become the France’s football/soccer expert and leader.

The site sells a range of products from the largest French football/soccer clubs, including Marseille, Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, and AS Monaco, as well as the largest European clubs like Arsenal, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona.

Today the FootCenter brand has partnered with soccer’s/football’s most popular brands like Adidas,Nike, Puma, Umbro, New Balance, Lotto and Kappa, to provide its customers with a wide range and variety of quality products.

Avoid Stopping the Game

FootCenter sells its products through its ecommerce site, which is the brand’s only sales channel. Therefore, to generate and ensure sales and guarantee the company’s sustainability, it has no choice but to provide impeccable online service to its customers. Faced with ever-increasing traffic, web performance has quickly become the main pillar of the site’s strategy. To accomplish this, FootCenter and its X2i agency turned to web performance specialist, Quanta.

The initial goal of the shared project was to identify possible areas for improvement and to implement the ensuing recommendations. Quanta’s Performance Gurus therefore conducted a comprehensive performance audit of the website and worked with the integrator teams to implement the recommendations.

Improvement as a Priority

Quanta has consistently demonstrated the impact of page downloading time on a company’s conversion rate as well as its resulting sales. In FootCenter’s case, Quanta’s solution identified a potential gain of 13% in additional sales as well as related areas for optimization, ranked in priority.

After the X2i teams implemented all Quanta’s improvement recommendations, it didn’t take long to feel the impact from both a technical and financial point of view. The company observed a noticeable improvement in page generation time, which went from 1.44 seconds to 24 milliseconds, and its sales increased by 23% at the same time.

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