Has speed become a problem for your e-commerce shop? In view of this, you have two choices. Is it better to optimize your current site, to rework it to improve its performance, or is it better to start from scratch? There is no single and definitive answer to this question. The best choice depends on the size of your e-commerce site, but also on its history and construction. Here is our analysis.

Speed: Optimize your site or start from scratch?

Starting from scratch is a thrill. It’s a new adventure but it also comes with new traps.

With well-defined specifications and a team of experienced developers, you will not make the same mistakes from the past. Speed is now your concern from the first click of the mouse on the first mock draft in Photoshop. Entirely redoing your e-commerce store will allow you to clean some elements of its structure. So, all right for the overall structure, but what about the content? You’re not going to start from scratch?

Recreating a website still implies reusing previous content (the database, texts, images, etc.) In the end, the time spent optimizing these elements on the existing site will also be necessary if you start from scratch. You do not gain time if you start with a blank page. You will need to optimize the back-end. In short, the two solutions are on the same level in terms of time investment.

Is optimizing the safest (the least risky) solution?

If you wish to improve the speed of your site, optimizing the current one is the least risky choice.

  • – You keep your current site with the optimizations that you’ve already carried out in other areas (user experience, conversion, SEO);
  • – You do not have to go back to thinking about the design of the site, its structure, and its deployment. Your time is valuable and “to think” of the structure of your website is not the focus of your business;
  • – You save time by focusing your efforts on that which already works.