We’ve been saying for a while now, that QUANTA was to make a big announcement during OroVibe, the event dedicated to the new CMS for BtoB e-commerce, OroCommerce, well … It finally happened!

As Guillaume, co-founder of QUANTA, said during his conference “Managing Web Performance for a faster B2B Experience“, our web performance monitoring tool now has a brand new profiler specifically designed for websites using OroCommerce.

With this tool, unique on the market, you will now have an application to boost the web performance of any OroCommerce website!

Aside from the technical success and the great potential that such a profiler represents for our customers, it also marks a new step for QUANTA.

This OroCommerce profiler, added to our Magento and PHP profilers, allows us to extend our expertise in web performance to the BtoB segment.

How does this profiler works?

This tool pushes further the understanding of the execution of our application, and helps you identify very precisely the possible sources of slowdowns in your sales funnel, from the sending of the request by the user to the loading times of the page.

E-companies and their teams will thus have all the information they need to optimize their loading times and improve their conversion rates. The profiler, by bringing up all the events that occurred, directly in the Quanta application, will also allow them to intervene quickly in the event of an incident.

Unique on the market, this profiler, by improving the performance of OroCommerce websites, should contribute to the development of sales in the B2B segment, which many experts believe will explode over the next few years. According to FEVAD, B2B could represent 24% of worldwide sales in 2020.

This is truly a new tool for B2B web performance.

How to install the profiler on your OroCommerce website?

Nothing could be simpler, just go to the app, and ask for the beta version of the OroCommerce profiler! 😉

Matthieu Rosinski, Head of Operations at QUANTA, (and supreme leader of the Tech Team 😉 ), after testing the performance and scalability of the platform, will be conducting precise tests on the Oro modules for the OroWiki reference blog. 😉