We can attest to this: you sometimes experience relatively complex application problems in your production environments. Complex enough to make your dev team go bald!

Why ? Simply because the complexity of your online stores is growing with the multiplication of your digital stakes.

So how can we help you identify the glitch in the gears ? The one that is likely to block your checkout page or even your cart?

For 3 years, Quanta has developed a profiler for PHP which has the particularity to monitor at all times your applications in your production environment. But we wanted to go even further!

We are proud to announce that Quanta now integrates Blackfire, the leading profiling solution for development teams.


This integration enables you to bridge the gap between two important technical fields:

  • Quanta covers the perimeter of business issues on your production environment: monitoring your sales funnel, checking the intricacies of each configuration, and identifying backend and frontend features that will potentially increase the loading times for your users.
  • Blackfire covers the entire perimeter of your app development cycle so that each feature is properly tested, benchmarked, validated before it reaches production.

The connection between the two tools allows you to finally merge these two universes.

Some examples :

  • During an alert (response time too long, or HTTP error code), you can now generate, from Quanta’s app, a full Blackfire trace for the execution of a page in the production environment. This trace is extremely exhaustive and allows the developer to understand every detail of what happens in the prod, without having to try to reproduce the error in the development environment (which is always an arduous task. Dev-ops among you know it too well!).
  • You can also create Blackfire test scenarios, based on the web scenarios configured in Quanta. It’s an advantage in the sens that the developer and the ecommerce manager then share a common body of knowledge.
  • You were in a meeting and you found out that there was a problem with the production? Everything has been automatically saved in Quanta; and now, with the level of detail allowed by the Blackfire solution. Enough to rejoice any developer who will be in charge of analyzing the problem. 😉
  • By configuring the Blackfire integration in your dashboard, you will have direct access to Blackfire analytics performed automatically or manually on your website, in the Quanta app.