We’re really pleased to announce that you can now integrate QUANTA into your cloud-based Artifakt e-commerce website.

Why create a plugin for Artifakt?

Modern architectures are increasingly cloud-based, in order:

  • to be more flexible when it comes to creation and operating mechanisms,
  • and to optimize costs.

But this flexibility often comes with a new complexity when it comes to deploying and administering these cloud-based infrastructures that are very different from static architectures.

And that’s where Artifakt‘s expertise comes in. 🙂 Artifakt makes it easy to deploy and optimize applications in the cloud, and automatically manages their configuration. The platform also makes it possible to adjust the number of instances according to the monitored traffic and the load thus produced.

The QUANTA app, for its part, allows you to follow in real time the web performance of your e-commerce website, and alerts you in case of problems (unavailability or slowdowns, for example).

Based on these characteristics, we determined that there was real synergy and a real added value between our tools. Therefore we thought it logical to build an integration.

How does it work?

This integration is available in the form of an Artifakt plugin that allows you:

  • To automatically deploy the QUANTA agents and the PHP module to your instances managed by Artifakt.
  • To visualize the deployments made by Artifakt, via our event system, directly in QUANTA.