On April 20-22, Imagine Commerce 2015 will take place in the United States. This is Magento’s greatest annual event. With conferences hosted by experts and useful workshops, Magento’s entire ecosystem meets up to share and exchange. This year the event will take place in Las Vegas. Quanta Computing will be traveling there! The program.

Imagine Commerce 2015, Magento’s great annual meeting

Imagine celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2015. Imagine Commerce brings together more than 2,500 retailers, partners, developers and experts on e-commerce from over 40 countries. It’s an essential event for exchanging ideas and building relationships. Guillaume Thibaux, co-founder of Quanta Computing, will speak at this event, which is considered the most important event in the world on Magento.

Quanta will host a conference alongside Rackspace, Nexcess and Paypal. “Magento is an e-commerce solution that has a strong community and Imagine Commerce is one of the many events that attests to this. As specialists in performance on Magento, we are committed to improving the CMS. We want to make the solution progress, and our presence there is part of this effort” says Guillaume Thibaux. Sharing the stage with Rackspace (cloud hosting), Nexcess (Magento hosting) and Paypal (what, you don’t know Paypal?) is an honor for Quanta Computing. “Our work is at the heart of what these actors offer. In fact, there can be no optimal performance or speed without a quality host and, ultimately, an ad hoc payment solution” affirms Guillaume Thibaux.