PARIS, May 10, 2016 – Guillaume Thibaux, co-founder and CEO of Quanta Computing, appeared on BFM Business, on a show dedicated to raising awareness of the most innovative startups, to talk about the strategic issue performance represents for websites.

A market full of slow websites

Guillaume revealed the importance of website optimization for online businesses, pointing out that even nowadays “brands that sell online […] regularly have slowdowns with a loss of visitors, and thus a loss in turnover”.

Speed equals conversion

For over ten years, Guillaume and his co-founder Romain Lamaison  worked in hosting and saw first-hand the problems e-commerce managers faced in identifying the root cause of slowdowns and the difficulty in allocating resources efficiently to find a solution. Knowing the exact problem allows managers to communicate with their teams – be it an agency or hoster – and saves precious time. They found that the speed of a website is dramatically linked to conversion, which led to the creation of Quanta.

Quanta, a performance analytics tool dedicated to Marketing Directors