Do you know Page Speed Insights? This handy tool, made by Google, measures the performance of a page on mobile devices and fixed devices (desktop PCs). Site performances are evaluated and a final score (from 0 to 100) allows you to situate yourself.

Page Speed Insights and loading time

 Page Speed Insights focuses on two essential loading times:

  • the loading time of content above the waterline (time between the user’s query and the complete display of elements on the screen);
  • the time to complete loading the page (when all elements are displayed).

Page Speed Insights turns out to be very useful because it focuses on performance related to the processing of the page by the user’s browser. This focus, which allows setting aside network performance, gives a global scope of your site’s performance, and it shows areas to be improved in order to make your site evolve. Google improves its tool frequently, and in 2014 it implemented a number of innovations. Emphasis was placed on the evaluation of site performance on mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) and on improving usability.

Evaluate the speed of your mobile site thanks to Page Speed Insights

Since mid-2014, Page Speed Insights integrates new recommendations for navigating mobile sites. Google shows its commitment in providing solutions to webmasters, to help them have mobile-friendly sites. “Suppose your mobile site takes 2 seconds to load instead of 7 as it used to. If users still have to spend 5 more seconds waiting once the page has loaded in order to zoom or scroll the screen before they can read the text and interact with the page, then the site is not truly fast. The new features of Page Speed Insights can help you find and fix these usability issues,” says Google in this post that announced the arrival of updates.