Speed completely transforms how visitors interact with a website and how they “consume” a blog or an e-commerce store.  Need proof ? Let,s look at a specific case, ETAM

ETAM’s page speed load time reduced by 700 ms

Etam is a luxury lingerie brand among the top 5 sites using Magento in France, with over 200 million page views per year. When we met with Etam’s website managers, their site only had a 1.2 second page speed loading time. Not really shocking at first sight. It is common to see e-commerce shops charge slowly. There is a lot of space for optimisation.

With the support of Quanta monitoring and tracking solution, the load time of Etam’s online store has been reduced to 500 ms, thus saving 700 ms. This may seem like only a slight gain but if we multiply the time saved, by the number of page loads  per year (200 million),that makes 4.4 years of waiting time saved! This is HUGE!

It shows how a small win has ultimately a strong impact in a global context. Imagine… 4.4 years of waiting time before a blank page while hoping for the desired page to be displayed!


By saving time, users enjoy a more comfortable navigation. They take advantage of a better UX and are therefore inclined to see more pages, interact more strongly, and will thus subtly go further in the sales funnel! E-shopping is no longer a stress but instead a nice ”ride” from the browser. Are they more likely to buy at the end of the funnel? Yes.

The impact of improved speed on ETAM performance

After optimisation, ETAM’s site has seen several of its indicators increase in Google Analytics:

  • The number of page views per session has increased by 28%;
  • The average time per visit increased by 21%;
  • The conversion rate increased by 20%.

The optimisation work carried out by Baobaz agency and ETAM’s web team using the Quanta solution is a textbook case! Indeed, the brand now enjoys a site that is accessed faster, deeper, and transforms better. The effectiveness of the marketing team with the offers on and off-site is strengthened. Speed was the missing link to generate new sales and provide better visibility to the product range without any external action.

If you want to calculate your ROI linked to an action on your website’s speed, remember that Quanta offers diagnostic performance of your Magento website. Our experts will then connect to your site and make an initial assessment with you, letting you know the  percentage of conversion possible to aim for.