“Thanks to Quanta, the team no longer loses time searching for the cause of poor performance. We can quickly identify the cause of poor performance and prioritize resolution and optimization of any given issue based on revue impact. Quanta gives us a continuous and detailed view of all aspects of the website. We can see how everything performs from a visitor standpoint to ensure Truffaut provides a stellar online experience.“

Jonathan Farbiarz — Ecommerce Technical Expert at TBD Paris

Keys Facts

  • Founded in 1824
  • France’s leading garden center
  • Voted consumer gardening brand of the year
  • Part of the Louis Delhaize retail group


  • Ensure the new ecommerce platform offers an optimal buyer experience.
  • Prioritize technical optimizations by business impact.
  • Spend less time searching for the technical causes of poor performance and more time resolving them.
  • Demonstrate the impact of technical optimizations on business results.


  • Quanta undertook a full performance audit on the website and simulated increasing amounts of traffic on all pages, as well as specific user scenarios.
  • The Quanta platform monitors website performance and proactively reports on issues.


  • A granular view of all elements impacting web performance.
  • Ability to pinpoint the exact cause of performance issues.
  • Faster resolution of performance issues and the ability to prioritize the resolution of issues based on business impact.
  • Ability to connect and visually correlate technical indicators with web performance.

Truffaut Technical Teams Keep on Top of Web Performance With Quanta

Garden center ensures an optimal online experience with Quanta’s web performance management solution.

Truffaut is a French garden center chain founded in 1824. The brand is the go- to place for everything concerning gardening, as well as pets and home. The company launched its ecommerce website in 2012, and later its marketplace to offer its customers a broader choice of products.

Web Performance: Critical for Brand Success

Ecommerce Technical Expert, Jonathan Farbiarz, was in charge of Truffaut’s migration to a new ecommerce platform. Jonathan and his team needed to ensure the new platform’s stability and that it outperformed the one it was replacing. Indeed, poor web performance not only impacts the company’s bottom line, it potentially harms the brand’s reputation as an online retailer. It can even discourage consumers from visiting the physical store.

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It

To improve the platform’s performance, it first had to be measured. Truffaut called on Quanta to execute a 360° web performance audit. Quanta conducted an in-depth code review, critical path analysis, inspected its infrastructure and benchmarked its processes and performance against its peers. Based on the analysis Quanta was able to offer actionable recommendations to enhance the platform’s performance and stability. Recommendations were prioritized by ease of implementation and predicted impact on revenue so that the team could take action immediately.

Truffaut was able to run load tests with Quanta without leaving the platform. The company was able to simulate specific customer scenarios such as logging in or adding items to the cart as if a real user was doing it. Through simulating traffic peaks and specific scenarios across different pages of the website, Truffaut was able to ensure that its new platform would remain stable under pressure.

A Granular View of Web Performance

Before Quanta, Jonathan and his team would spend their time looking for who or what was responsible for a performance issue before they could even start to fix it. Quanta offers fine-grained detail on every element of each page that impacts web performance – right down to the source code and the number of requests per page.

This means that the development team can not only swiftly pinpoint the cause of problems, they can also prioritize their resolution based on each page’s traffic.

Quanta makes it easy to connect and visually correlate technical indicators such as CPU load, memory usage, and disk usage, as well as applicative measures including MySQL queries and caches hits/misses, with site performance. If page loading slows, Truffaut can immediately know if this is related to something such as the server memory being full. Quanta also enforces an audit trail of all work performed and offers automatic synchronizations via API. Therefore, if there is suddenly a performance dip, the team can easily verify if this is due to a specific event that has been logged in the audit trail.

“Quanta is an essential tool for Truffaut, guaranteeing the performance and robustness of our digital platform. Quanta makes it easy to analyze technical incidents and rapidly find the right solution to resolve them. We are able to take strategic decisions regarding the technical design of certain pages by correlating technical data with business KPIs.” Sadhakkathoullah Bazirrahemane – Head of Digital Development at Truffaut.

A Guarantee That Web Performance Is up to Scratch

Quanta was smoothly deployed thanks to the partnership with Truffaut’s hosting partner Platform.sh. Quanta constantly monitors the performance of the website. When an issue is detected the technical team is immediately notified via email, SMS or API calls. This feature is particularly appreciated by Jonathan as he manages several ecommerce sites. Proactive alerts mean that issues can be solved before they impact too heavily on visitor experience and in the event of no alerts, Jonathan is serene in the knowledge that his websites are running smoothly.