“Quanta makes web performance issues accessible and understandable for everybody across the extended team. We now share the same KPIs throughout the company and can collaborate to boost conversions, to optimize the customer experience and to protect our e-reputation.“

Christophe Henry — Chief Information Officer, TF1 Teleshopping

Key Facts

  • Created in 1987
  • 60 employees
  • 50 million euros in turnover
  • Most-watched Saturday morning TV program in France


  • Ensuring website continuously performs at optimal level.
  • Ensuring all teams agree upon performance issues.


  • The Quanta platform monitors the website and proactively reports on issues.
  • All teams collaborate to improve website performance.
  • Improved user experience and conversion.


  • Shared, objective view of website performance throughout company.
  • Efficient team collaboration improves website.
  • 360° view of web performance.
  • Ability to easily identify performance-issue causes and shorten time to resolution.

Quanta Rallies TF1’s Teleshopping Teams to Improve Web Performance and Handle Peak Traffic

The TV shopping channel trusts Quanta to get all its e-commerce business and technology stakeholders working together to meet customers’ growing online demand.

Teleshopping is a television program broadcast on TF1, France’s leading and oldest national general-interest TV channel. The program enables viewers to discover and buy innovative products for daily life. Viewers can order the products by telephone or online. Changes in consumption habits mean that the website now takes precedence over the call center for sales, accounting for 50% of the program’s turnover.

Conflicting View on Website Performance Indicators

Teleshopping’s website experiences a high concentration of traffic for a short timeframe during sales periods. The sudden peaks in traffic were difficult to manage. The website experienced severe performance issues during both Black Friday and Winter sales, which led to an inevitable loss of revenue. The company decided to implement major changes to the site’s code and infrastructure to avoid future problems. However, the teams were still unsure whether these changes were enough to ensure the smooth running of their site during critical peak traffic periods. Teleshopping’s e-commerce teams were already equipped with website monitoring tools, yet they were swamped with information. The KPIs used to evaluate web performance varied from team to team.

Excellent Website Performance Is Key to an Optimal Conversion Rate

Teleshopping decided to call on Quanta to perform a site audit. Quanta was able to confirm that their recent investments on the website ensured it could easily handle future traffic peaks. Quanta then defined a website performance roadmap to ensure that the website did not run into any further issues down the line.

A Shared and ROI-Centric Approach to Website Performance

Quanta gives Teleshopping a comprehensive view of its website performance on a daily basis for all teams to understand. The whole company now shares the same clear and effective performance KPIs. A true ROI-centric approach to website performance is now possible. Each quarter, all stakeholders from all departments meet with a Quanta performance guru in order to collectively discuss and prioritize improvements and prevent foreseeable issues. Through anticipating and preventing issues, Teleshopping is able to spend less time on problem-solving and more time on increasing revenue.

Collaboration Ensures Growth and Serenity

Teleshopping teams work serenely knowing that the website can effectively fulfill its principle mission of selling products. Traffic is now more fluid, avoiding saturation. Better website performance has improved user experience and conversion. There is no more finger-pointing, misunderstandings or unclear indicators. Since everyone is now on the same page, teams can collaborate to ensure that the website successfully meets customer demand.

Case study based on a presentation by Christophe Henry, Chief Information Officer at TF1 Teleshopping, at Paris Retail Week on September 12, 2018.