To remain competitive, we need to go further than just ensuring that a website works. We need to offer real solutions to real operational issues and deliver added value to our clients. Our partnership with Quanta enables us to do just this.

Thomas Wagner – Director of Hosting and Managed Services, Smile

Key facts

  • Partnership to diversify offers and add real value
  • More than 100 digital strategy projects on an annual basis
  • More than €100M in sales in 2018


  • Offer value added solutions and services to its clients.
  • Ensure each client’s ecommerce website offers an optimal buyer experience.


  • The Quanta platform monitors the website and proactively reports on issues.
  • Quanta’s Web Performance Gurus on call for ongoing performance optimization advice.


  • A comprehensive view of the web performance across all client websites.
  • Ability to easily identify root causes of performance issues and shorten time to resolution.
  • Guarantee optimal website performance.

Smile Partners with Quanta to Ensure its Clients’ Ecommerce Success

Open source solution expert forges partnership with Quanta to enable its e-commerce clients to boost their User Experience and their sales on AWS.

Smile is the European leader in the integration and outsourcing of open source solutions. With almost 1,700 employees, each year Smile supports over one hundred digital strategy projects from business applications to infrastructure.

The Quest for Ecommerce Excellence

Over time the company has developed a strong expertise in ecommerce – from the construction of websites to hosting and outsourcing. Ecommerce projects now represent a third of Smile’s business and it is one of ecommerce platform Magento’s biggest partners worldwide.

As Director of Hosting and Managed Services (Smile OPS), Thomas Wagner is in charge of defining the offer strategy and the operational management of this business unit.

The company uses technology and innovation to not only attract clients but also to satisfy and to drive loyalty with existing ones.

“We started to look for ways to bring real value to our ecommerce clients, notably by helping them improve their online sales. One of the most impactful ways of doing this was to improve online User Experience through optimizing site performance. Sudden surges in website traffic were slowing website performance and consequently leading to a loss of revenue for our clients. We needed a specialized partner to overcome these challenges. Fast,“ explains Thomas Wagner.

Indeed, great User Experience leads to conversions. Conversions occur when a page effectively communicates its value proposition and seamlessly encourages visitors to complete the page goal. Sluggish website loading adds friction to the customer journey and penalizes conversion rates.

Finding the Perfect Partner to add Value

Smile OPS needed a partner with expertise in User Experience to extend the scope of its offers. It also needed a flexible and agile partner with whom it could collaborate to create personalized offers to respond to calls for tenders.

After conducting extensive market research on User Experience tools Smile OPS contacted Quanta.

“With Quanta we have a real partnership, not just access to their platform. Quanta’s expert technical team understands our challenges. Our teams collaborate to create the best bespoke deals for our clients based on their specific needs,” said Thomas Wagner.

Driving an Exceptional User Experience

Quanta is used to drive Smile OPS’s clients’ websites’ experience. If a website’s performance is below par, the appropriate team is alerted. Quanta identifies the root cause so that Smile’s teams can fix the issue quicker than ever before. In addition, Quanta’s Performance Gurus are also always on hand to support Smile’s own experts on User Experience matters whenever necessary.

Smile also uses Quanta to perform load tests on all of its clients’ ecommerce sites. Through simulating peak traffic on each page, Smile has peace of mind that each website will maintain performance under the stress of increased traffic.

Green and Serene

Companies are becoming more concerned with energy saving. Calls for tenders increasingly include social corporate responsibility criteria. With Quanta, Smile can support this green shift.

Before using Quanta, Smile OPS regularly had to overspecify server capacity in order to mitigate website performance. However, this practice was both costly to the client and to the environment in terms of wasted computing power. With Quanta’s User Experience Solution, Smile OPS is able to match its clients’ needs to the right infrastructure and ensure optimal website performance and a top notch User Experience ー a much more sustainable and cost effective solution!

Ensuring Ecommerce Excellence

“Our industry is rapidly changing. To remain competitive, we need to go further than just ensuring that a website works. We need to offer real solutions to real operational issues and deliver added value to our clients. Our partnership with Quanta enables us to do just this.”

“We are in contact with the Quanta team on a daily basis. They are highly responsive and agile in reacting to our clients needs. The team is a pleasure to work with,” said Thomas Wagner.

Thanks to its partnership with Quanta, Smile OPS can add another dimension to its offer that serves its clients needs and consequently boosts their satisfaction. Smile is assured that all of its clients’ websites provide an outstanding User Experience. Smile’s clients are satisfied and serene with the knowledge that Smile is providing them with the ideal infrastructure and support to facilitate their ecommerce sales, a win-win situation for all.