“Quanta was able to convince everyone of the importance of web performance. We can now efficiently manage and improve the web performance of our subsidiaries’ sites. We were able to see significant web performance improvements in record time.“

Nicolas Coudert — Head of Digital, Orange

Key Facts

  • Quanta monitors 15 country websites
  • A consistent experience to 261 million consumers
  • Global deployment in 3 months


  • Ensuring all websites continuously perform at an optimal level.
  • Educating teams on the importance of web performance on business.


  • The Quanta platform monitors the performance of all subsidiaries and proactively reports on issues.
  • Quanta works with individual local teams to resolve performance issues.
  • Quanta’s Performance Gurus provide ongoing support and continuous optimization advice.


  • A comprehensive view of the web performance across all websites.
  • Shared, objective view of website performance and its business impact.
  • Efficient collaboration across distributed teams to improve performance.
  • Ability to easily identify performance-issue causes and shorten time to resolution.

Quanta Helps Orange Provide a Seamless, Consistent Online Experience

Telecommunications giant chooses Quanta to improve collaboration between its central and local digital teams and to guarantee optimum web performance

Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with sales of 41 billion euros. Present in 28 countries, the Group counts over 261 million customers and 150,000 employees worldwide.

Placing Customer Experience at the Heart of its Business Strategy

Orange aims to use technology to attract, engage and retain customers in new and innovative ways. Nicolas Coudert, Head of Digital at Orange, is responsible for driving the adoption of digital technologies across over twenty countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for Orange’s Internet portals, ecommerce stores, search engines and store locators. His team is also responsible for supporting local teams in the day-to-day management of their web performance.

Managing the customer experience is at the heart of Orange’s business strategy and the company strives to make its digital experience seamless. Orange is aware of the critical role that website performance plays in ensuring this.

Helping Subsidiaries Uplevel Their Web Performance

After rolling out 15 new country portals, Nicolas and his team observed considerable performance gaps between each of them. The team needed to support each local digital team to identify and resolve the factors negatively impacting web performance. However, because each portal is hosted locally, governance issues and a lack of overall visibility affected the ability to make sure each one was performing optimally.

“Our organizational structure made identifying performance issues and working with local teams to resolve them not only challenging but incredibly time-consuming. We also lacked a shared view of the importance of web performance, meaning that addressing these issues wasn’t a top priority for any of our subsidiary teams,” said Nicolas Coudert.

Better Visibility and Collaboration Across Distributed Teams

Orange called on Quanta to ensure that each of its subsidiaries’ websites was providing the same exceptional user experience that it wants associated with its brand.

The platform is managed centrally by Nicolas and his team. Quanta actively monitors key customer journeys across each of the subsidiary websites. If the web performance is below par, the central team alerts the subsidiary who can then contact Quanta directly for more details on the performance issues and how they can be resolved. Local teams retain full independence in managing their websites and Nicolas and his team enjoy a global overview of the performance of each website. Everyone collaborates efficiently to enhance website performance.

Understanding the True Importance of Web Performance

Quanta also played a key role in raising the awareness of the importance of web performance among local teams, as well as training them in best practices for optimizing website speed and reliability. Above all, thanks to Quanta, the local teams were able to understand the direct impact of web performance on business results. Quanta not only makes recommendations for performance optimization but also measures the revenue gained from the performance optimizations. Orange is able to present this information in management meetings, which further rallies teams around the importance of web performance.

The Group also benefits from ongoing support from Quanta’s Web Performance Gurus, who offer ongoing support and further optimization recommendations to enhance performance.

Guaranteeing Exceptional Customer Experience, Everywhere

Nicolas and his team now have a comprehensive view of performance across all websites. Web performance issues are now more easily identified and swiftly resolved country by country. The team is serene with the knowledge that all the country portals they are responsible for provide an outstanding online experience in support of the company’s global brand and customer experience.

“Quanta was able to convince everyone of the importance of web performance. We can now efficiently manage and improve the web performance of our subsidiaries’ sites. The platform was simple to set up and its visual interface enables us to easily see where problems arise country by country. We were able to see significant web performance improvements in record time,” said Nicolas.